Your security is our success.

We proved it by 1000+ protected sites

and 4000+ TB of malicious traffic

every month.

Always protected

We are always on the lookout for malicious traffic. As soon as any hostile traffic has been detected, mitigation initiates.


Utilizing an advanced Web Application Firewall, you are automatically protected from exploits.

Traffic acceleration

We are offering services in the same location as our servers, effectively decreasing the latency to zero.

It's ridiculously customizable

Mitigation Modes

Use your favourite methods to mitigate malicious traffic - Sensor, Invisible, Captcha, and more!

Challenge Passage

Set the time period to prevent users from having to solve the challenge for a certain amount of time.

Webhook Alerts

Receive notifications with detailed information using the platform of your choice when an attack occurs on your site.

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